About Love & Responsibility

When our child is born, we learn about love.

Becoming parents, we understand the meaning of responsibility.


Raising and cherishing our beloved Atar, we grow with her, always rising up to the challenge, with heartache, worry and determination as our constant companions. Every morning we begin again! With endless optimism, a smile, and most of all – so much love for our delightful, lovely Atar. With her amazing cheerfulness, she gives us the strength to go on!

When Atar was one year old, it was clear that her development was slow in every respect. We started intensive treatments, dedicating all of our means and efforts, day and night, to caring for our daughter. At the same time, we introduced humor into our lives, laughing and smiling at our predicament as much as we could. Despite the sorrow and hardship, we opened our home to the world. We hosted all social and family events, and organized many bicycle trips and outdoor activities.

Small achievements, time and time again, against all odds.

Now Atar is 18, and instead of supporting her through the military service, like the parents of most of young Israelis, we are putting all our efforts into a life project. We are building a life for Atar and her friends in the community, enabling them to live happily, close to their childhood homes and to their families. Atar will move into her new home, and we know that we must let her develop her own independence, in a home for life, built as an integral part of our city.

Yes, it is painful. We feel the sadness of saying goodbye, together with a sense of renewal and growth. Atar cannot stay at home with us forever. She must live in a social framework with people her own age, in a place that caters to her special needs: 24/7 protection and supervision, as well as a constant cultivation of her abilities.

The sky is the limit!