About Love & Responsibility

When our child is born, we learn about love.

Becoming parents, we understand the meaning of responsibility.

ז"ל Nimrod

I want to tell you about Nimrod:

Our dear son Nimrod passed away recently. My dearly beloved firstborn son was a friendly boy with a smile on his face. Being his father made me much more open and sensitive as a man, and taught me a great deal about parenthood and about myself.

In many ways I became a better, more attentive psychologist. When Nimrod was born we found that his brain was not developing properly due to microcephalus. At the age of 3 he was diagnosed with moderate to severe intellectual disability. Many years of anxiety, tests and therapies strengthened our bond and made me love him even more and wish to protect him. Later on his dear brother Itamar joined the family. Despite the great pain, we truly enjoyed raising Nimrod at home. Nimrod was a happy, relaxed child who loved to spend time outdoors and at the beach, loved company and took a very meaningful part in the life of our family.

Today, after the death of Nimrod my beloved son, I continue my activities at Belev Raanana for the benefit of other young people in his condition. The home we are building for them will redefine our attitude towards people with severe disabilities, bringing them closer to us instead of excluding and sending them away.