The Building

Previously sent to faraway institutions, these young adults will now be able to live in their own loving, supportive home community

The home being built by Belev Raanana is among the first of its kind in Israel:
Apartments in the community for young adults with severe disabilities.


Young adults with severe disabilities, and/or in need of nursing care, who in the past would have been excluded from the community and sent to faraway institutions, will now be able to live their whole lives with dignity within their home community. 

The entire plan of the residential complex is based on the most advanced professional approaches regarding housing solutions for special populations within the community.  It will include three residential units, and each unit will be run independently, providing its residents with a sense of home, support and security.

Based on the highest standards of construction, the building will be fully accessible to people with disabilities. It will include three stories: a ground floor with two apartments, an upper floor with one apartment, and a lower ground floor with public areas and storerooms.


9 Haprachim St. Raanana

Plot area:

Approximately 900 m2

Target population:

Young adults with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities and/or in need of nursing care

Built area:

on 3 floors
Approximately 895 m2
+359 m2 covered area

Number of residents:

6 per unit, 18 residents in all

1st floor:

Ground floor:

Lower ground floor: