About Love & Responsibility

When our child is born, we learn about love.

Becoming parents, we understand the meaning of responsibility.


Tomi is an endearing blue-eyed boy, who loves to swim, play and listen to music. We have raised him with great love in our home, and his complete helplessness has bound us to him with the strongest bonds of both affection and obligation.

Tomi was born a healthy child. In the early months of his life, follwing a routine vaccination, he developed an inflammation in the brain. This turned into constant seizures and severe, irreparable brain damage. For us as a family this was a veritable earthquake, affecting each and every aspect of our lives: caring for our other children, our income, our work, and even our dreams for the future.

At the beginning, harnessing all our strength, we embarked upon what we now know was an impossible mission: making our son’s mind whole again. It took some time, but eventually we realized that some things cannot be fixed; that Tomi’s severe condition was permanent, a challenge for life, both for us and for him. At long last we also understood that we have a life to live, and must find the right balance – for ourselves, Tim and Israela, as parents, and also for our two other children, Yarden and Guy. Gradually we organized our lives to accommodate all members of our family, alongside treatment for our disabled son. Tomi has always been, and will always remain a dear, beloved member of our family. Being beside him as he grew up, embracing him in all his good and bad moments, we began to think of his future.

We soon discovered that there is a shortage in our area of places that can care for Tomi as an adult. So we decided to take the initiative into our own hands, and build a home in Raanana. As we grow older, as caring for his many needs inevitably becomes more difficult, our son will continue to be a part of our lives. He will live with his friends in his new home, in the loving community where he grew up, while receiving optimal care throughout his life.