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Belev Raanana – Living together in the Raanana community

No more institutions! No more exclusion!
A home in the heart of the community

Belev Raanana is a registered nonprofit organization (No. 580490605) established with the aim of building a home in the community for young adults with severe intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The project was undertaken after extensive research found that no suitable community-living options exist in Israel for people with severe disabilities. Refusing to accept this, we decided to take action!

Thanks to our initiative, these young people will finally have a home, accessible and adapted to their specific needs, where they can live a full and dignified life within their home community.

Belev Raanana is working in close collaboration with several public and governmental organizations that support this initiative.

With a building permit in hand, and after laying the cornerstone,

Belev Raanana is looking forward starting the construction


Israela Ringham-Levi, Project Initiator

"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." Albert Einstein

For many years my family and I struggled with the difficult and complex challenge of raising a child with special needs in our home. We gave him all our love and devotion, which were always able to overcome the hardships. But thinking of the future, I found it hard to imagine my son living in some faraway institution. I wanted him, as he reached adulthood, to continue living in the community, in a supportive and dignified home - just like the home of his childhood. And that is how the idea was born: building a loving home in the community.
Not an institution. Not a hostel. Not a shelter. A HOME.
From the hardship, an opportunity arises.
The home is designed for moderate to low-functioning young adults with intellectual disabilities and/or in need of nursing care. The home we are building is a model of giving and a moral compass for us all - families, the enlightened community, and a value-based society that respects life. I invite you all to join us and take part in our unique initiative.

Israela Ringham-Levi
Project initiator and Director of Belev Raanana

Yuval Kedar, Chairman

Dear friends, My name is Yuval Kedar, an instructor pilot by profession, and a loving father to Aviv, a young woman with special needs. For years, my wife and I searched for a place that would ensure a good life and a safe future for our daughter. At BeLev Ra'anana we finally found what we were looking for: a profound change in the perception of housing for young adults with severe disabilities. Here, at BeLev Ra'anana, we met a determined group of people, who refuse to accept the solutions usually offered to these young adults – institutions in faraway locations, excluded from mainstream society. The time for such exclusion is over. At BeLev Ra'anana we collaborate closely with the authorities, to establish appropriate and dignified housing solutions in the community. In this, we build one more crucial layer/tier in the inclusion of people with disabilities in society. I am proud to play a part in this vital process and invite you to join us in our major effort for profound social change.

Belev Raanana:

Israela Ringham-Levi 

Project Initiator and  Director

Yuval Kedar, Chairman

Lorre Goldberg

Tal Inbar-Altman


Doron Marom
Alex Daulby
Yossi Monin
Nadine Zar
Tali Tzor
Dr. Miki Seiffe
David Tzor


Yarden Ringham
German Lioverski
Pinahas Dov Goldberger
Kobi Maimon
Galit Dabby Meretz
Hartman Dalia
Inbal Shuvali

Attorney Eli Braude – Legal advisor
Leonard Friedman

Audit Committee

Gideon Arieli
Oren Tassa
Shaul Dabby